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cover for The Lady's Second-Chance Suitor, book 5 in the Grace-by-the-Sea series by historical romance author Regina Scott, showing a showing a couple holding hands near a brick manor house in autumn

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Thanks for visiting my home on the web. As the author of more than fifty historical romances, I'd love to share my passion for history with you!

You'll find interesting articles on pastimes and customs sprinkled among information about my sweet historical romance books. Explore and enjoy!

Regina Scott


News for April

  • Happy Easter! May you share in the joy of Resurrection Sunday!
  • New Grace-by-the-Sea Book Out! The Lady's Second-Chance Suitor, Book 5 in the Grace-by-the-Sea series, launches April 19. Widow Hester Todd made peace with her past after her first love broke her heart. Then Rob returns, struggling to find his way as the new Viscount Peverell. When smugglers threaten the village, Hester and Rob must learn to trust each other, because true love always deserves a second chance.
  • Book 1 only 99 Cents! The Matchmaker's Rogue, the first book in the Grace-by-the-Sea series, will be on sale for 99 cents, April 14 through 21, and the second and third books will be at reduced prices too. Spread the word!


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