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Thanks for visiting my home on the web. As the author of more than sixty historical romances, I'd love to share my passion for history with you!

You'll find interesting articles on pastimes and customs sprinkled among information about my sweet historical romance books. Explore and enjoy!

Regina Scott


News for July

  • Happy Independence Day! To those in the U.S. and Canada Day to those in that country. Hope you spent the time with family and friends!
  • Welcome The Prince's Pilot! The Prince's Pilot, the second book in the Regent's Devices series, is out July 27. In 1819, during the Tinkering Prince's Regency, Loveday Penhale, a young inventor living next door to the Trevelyan estate of Gwynn Place, and Celeste Blanchard, a young French aeronaut running away from an unwanted marriage, join forces against the technological might of Napoleon in a desperate attempt to save England..


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